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The Right Solution for Every Stage of Growth

NetSuite gives Venture Capital firms the confidence that their investments have the software backbone to scale quickly and reach new markets—from pre-seed stage to IPO. With tailored offerings and optimized pricing, investments are matched with the right solutions, at the right price, to ensure continued success and sustainable operational excellence.

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Seed: NetSuite allows seed stage companies to maintain lean operations by providing a cost-effective, flexible and scalable platform to manage all aspects of their business in a single system. Implemented in 45 days or less, NetSuite’s Starter Edition gets companies up and running quickly with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards for daily and strategic needs.

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Early Stage: NetSuite empowers early stage businesses with the tools needed to understand their customer base and effectively track revenue coming in from sales. Comprehensive financial management, a 360-degree view of customers and modern reporting and compliance help early companies meet investor demands, drive results and scale.

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Later Stage: NetSuite helps later stage companies navigate operational complexity as their focus shifts to acquiring talent, improving their customer experience and broadening their market reach—whether by international expansion or M&A. Global business management, omnichannel ecommerce and Human Capital Management (HCM) delivered on a single platform ensures visibility and continuity of operations.

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NetSuite Customers Have Their Unfair Share of Growth:

2017 Revenue Growth

*Using transactional count as an approximation for revenue growth.

NetSuite’s venture capital software accelerates value creation for companies with several key benefits:


NetSuite provides unmatched visibility into key metrics, ensuring that each stakeholder in the venture capital ecosystem has access to the data they need:

  • Portfolio companies get drill-down capabilities to diagnose financial issues on-the-fly and quickly act to drive business performance with informed decisions. Role-based dashboards ensure relevant, real-time information and security. Out-of-the-box or easily customized financial reports support diligence for future liquidity events—fundraising, acquisition and IPO.
  • Venture Capital firms can create prebuilt reports for their investments with defined metrics, allowing for standardization across an entire portfolio. Portfolio companies can quickly access and deliver these reports to the firm in various presentation styles or formatted to highlight critical data, making it easier for the firm to present to board members and other stakeholders.


Venture Capital firms are aligned with NetSuite executives from the start to deliver exceptional service for their investments and to ensure that portfolio companies have the best NetSuite experience possible. The NetSuite Venture Capital Practice provides complementary services, including:

  • Preferred pricing and commercial terms to streamline the sales process.
  • Executive alignment throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from pre-sales, solutioning, signing, implementation and account management, that enable seamless support and service.
  • Special attention and priority for escalations related to implementation to mitigate risk and ensure efficiency.
  • A single point of contact for the entire portfolio to create repeatable and scalable success when new investments are brought onto the platform.

Venture Capital Backed Companies Thrive on NetSuite

NetSuite Dominates the Tech IPO Market

Percentage of IPOs per Year that Run NetSuite
Source:, 6/1/2018

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